Bruce, Robert A.

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Robert A., U.S. cardiologist.
Bruce test - exercise test for individuals with coronary disease.
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They were also asked to refrain from coffee intake four hours before the Bruce test.
A total of 102 gender and age matched, undergraduate medical students were recruited to participate in the study for VO2 max estimation using the Bruce test. Mean age depicted was 20+-1.23 years and mean BMI of normal, overweight and obese individual was reported as 21.05+-1.01 kg/m2 and 24.10+-1.06 kg/m2 and 28.43+-0.06 respectively.
At the end of the intervention, the participants were given one exhaustive exercise according to Bruce test until fatigue and then after exhaustion the fasting blood samples were immediately taken.
Table-1: Incline and treadmill speeds in the Bruce test
TheAerobicexercise program included Bruce test. Warm up and cool down were performed 10minutes.
5 cc of blood was obtained fromeach subject's left-hand vein in sitting and resting statuses.Then, the athlete and non-athlete groups performed Bruce test. after the exercise, the blood samples were obtained from theTwo groups like the first stage.Clauss method was used to measure immune cell (leucocyte, lymphocyte, monocyte, neutrophil, basophile, eosinophil, and an especial kitwith Elisa method to measure CRP.
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