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(1) BATMAN. One of two clinical trials about the safety and efficacy of the Batimastat BiodivYsio® stent, a drug-coated (with an MMP—matrix metalloproteinase—inhibitor, batimastat) device designed to decreased restenosis in patients who had undergone coronary angioplasty

(2) Batman. One of several fathers’ rights activists who appear with some regularity perched atop any of a number of public places in the UK—e.g., Parliament, Buckingham palace, etc.—to protest alleged family courts’ bias against them
(3) Vox populi Batman. A popular comic book superhero who fights crime in the fictional Gotham City
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La dualidad simbolica e implicita del personaje oscuro es clara Bruce Wayne es el dia Batman es la noche en determinado tiempo en compania de Robin que representa la inocencia.
Christian Bale, who is still etched on many fans'minds as the perfect Bruce Wayne/Batman - good luck Ben Affleck - was Bruce Wayne and Batman completely, handsome, charming and definitely mysterious.
The arch-villain, Bain, is allegedly an orphan born into the most notorious prison on the planet; Batman himself suffered from a lack of parental support in his formative years; and Policeman Robin Blake, now an adult serving in the Gotham police, recognises the anger in Bruce Wayne of someone denied the nurturing benefits of parents because he shares the same anger, 'angry in your bones' as he describes it, but he has learned well the advantages of disguising this with smiles.
This Bruce Wayne is one step away from certifiable.
Haunted by the senseless murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne (Bale) uses his vast inherited fortune to travel the globe, searching for a means to restore justice to a corrupt world.
This lawlessness becomes deeply personal to our protagonist, Bruce Wayne, whose wealthy parents are murdered before his eyes as a young child.
Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne gets one step closer to discovering the name of his parents' killers when Galavan's niece Silver St Cloud promises him that her uncle will identify the culprits if he agrees to sell Wayne Enterprises.
Dana Walden, David Madden and Gary Newman with "Gotham's" Bruce Wayne, David Mazouz
e show charts the story of orphaned Bruce Wayne and the rise of James Gordon, later Commissioner Gordon, 'e Dark Knight's best ally in Gotham City police force.
Other cast members include Donal Logue as detective Harvey Bullock and David Mazouz as young Bruce Wayne, the future Batman.
The actor added that Batman's alter-ego, Bruce Wayne, is the more challenging part of the role, and Affleck will be great at that.