Brown Gallstone

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A pigment gallstone formed from a complex mixture of insoluble calcium salts of unconjugated bilirubin with varying amounts of protein and cholesterol. While black gallstones are found in sterile bile in the gallbladder, brown gallstones are often associated with infection (e.g., with Escherichia coli, Ascaris lumbricoides, Opisthorchis sinenesis). These organisms release beta-glucuronidases, which hydrolyze bilirubin glucuronides; in contrast to black stones
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Craster's whitewashed and brown stone houses are a honeypot for tourists, who are drawn to the unmistakable whiff of fish from Robson's smokehouse, where herrings are kippered and salmon smoked over oak chip fires.
There you can look down on a flat roof which was originally covered in brown stone chippings, where Drury has created a huge ground-drawing based on staff fingerprints.
99, H&M; beige vest, pounds 16, brown stone bracelet, pounds 8, Marks & Spencer; pink bracelet, pounds 9.
Re-creating his Broadway set, Beatty presents us with the back porch of a run-down Chicago brown stone.
The two-story house was constructed of brown stone, with the ends of big supporting beams visible at the second-floor level.
Virgin Islands, you can barely make out its brown stone cottages (rooms start at $275) set amid the rolling lawns of this sprawling, 170-acre resort: accommodations are shielded by 2,000 species of trees and plants.
It had a few shelves and a brown stone sink with one cold water tap.
The mansion is been built in brown stone topped with an ornate medieval- style roof.
Examples include earthy lichen green and sparkling amethyst orchid; a turquoise Caribbean sea and a festive Mars red; yellow freesia and coral rose; an Amparo blue and a rich brown stone, often accented by bold black or shimmering touches of gold and/or silver.
I sold his brown stone apartment before-hand so he had the money.
White broderie anglaise tunic, pounds 20, New Look; Brown leather sandals, pounds 18, Topshop; Bow necklace, pounds 8, Wallis; Striped bag, pounds 18, New Look; Blue pumps, pounds 25, Boden; Double-breasted cooat, pounds 20, Cherokee at Tesco; Quilted weekend bag, pounds 35, Littlewoods; Brown stone ring, pounds 6, Dorothy Perkins; Red dress, pounds 39.
Built from brown stone and render, the homes will have slate roofs and under-floor heating.