Brown Gallstone

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A pigment gallstone formed from a complex mixture of insoluble calcium salts of unconjugated bilirubin with varying amounts of protein and cholesterol. While black gallstones are found in sterile bile in the gallbladder, brown gallstones are often associated with infection (e.g., with Escherichia coli, Ascaris lumbricoides, Opisthorchis sinenesis). These organisms release beta-glucuronidases, which hydrolyze bilirubin glucuronides; in contrast to black stones
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An engagement ring on a gold band featuring five diamonds set in a row, and of decreasing size from the central diamond, together with a plain gold wedding band and a third gold ring set with a brown stone were also taken.
It's just a brown stone tower in a sea of suburban housing.
A five-family brown stone at 272 Hicks Street, Brooklyn Heights, sold for $1,450,000.
Again their titles describe their content: Untitled (Water on Dirt Road, Las Pozas, Mexico), 2005; Untitled (Soap on Windshield, Car Wash, Memphis), 2004; and Untitled (Side of Brown Stone Wall, Arizona
You can see the layers as stripes of gray, white and brown stone in the cores.
I stared in awe at the perfect specimen in his hand--a flat brown stone with an impressive point and the unmistakable triangular shape of an Indian arrowhead.
Jason had guessed that the Seek represented the triangle in the brown stone and he scanned the area for a cave.
As the LNER train puffed-up steam and eased its way out of Felling station, our dad could be seen, up on Sunderland Road, leaning over the brown stone wall and waving a sad farewell
There you can look down on a flat roof which was originally covered in brown stone chippings, where Drury has created a huge ground-drawing based on staff fingerprints.
99, H&M; beige vest, pounds 16, brown stone bracelet, pounds 8, Marks & Spencer; pink bracelet, pounds 9.
The brown stone was valued at $400,000 at the time, and the necklace at another $100,000.