Brown Gallstone

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A pigment gallstone formed from a complex mixture of insoluble calcium salts of unconjugated bilirubin with varying amounts of protein and cholesterol. While black gallstones are found in sterile bile in the gallbladder, brown gallstones are often associated with infection (e.g., with Escherichia coli, Ascaris lumbricoides, Opisthorchis sinenesis). These organisms release beta-glucuronidases, which hydrolyze bilirubin glucuronides; in contrast to black stones
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Virgin Islands, you can barely make out its brown stone cottages (rooms start at $275) set amid the rolling lawns of this sprawling, 170-acre resort: accommodations are shielded by 2,000 species of trees and plants.
The two-story house was constructed of brown stone, with the ends of big supporting beams visible at the second-floor level.
The brown stone was valued at $400,000 at the time, and the necklace at another $100,000.
Denim skirt,pounds 26, Marks & Spencer; red gingham shirt, pounds 9.99, H&M; beige vest, pounds 16, brown stone bracelet, pounds 8, Marks & Spencer; pink bracelet, pounds 9.99, River Island; brown studded bag, pounds 25, M&S; three- colour boots, pounds 80, Topshop
Then, the Nebraska teacher stumbled on a shiny brown stone about the size of a jelly bean.
Seeing an old brown stone, he inquires about the beautiful song.
President Ghali was further told that they recently recovered a 472-carat top light brown stone, the third largest stone recovered at the mine.
The group consisted of Cheryl Cook, Gwendolyn Chisolm and Angie Brown Stone. They have demanded an undisclosed amount of money from Mars and Ronson for copying Uptown funk.
Kalel Langford found the pinto bean-sized brown stone while he was walking along the side of a riverbank in the park on Saturday.
"We even know the Welsh went to America and built Harlem in New York with brown stone. They built the houses here and Welsh slate was used on the hearths."
Can't and Won't.) ELIZABETH JACOBSON is the author of a chapbook, A Brown Stone