Brown Teeth

An autosomal dominant [MIM 125490] dysodontogenesis which is one of the most common defects in dentin production, affecting 1:8,000 persons, characterised by small, yellow-brown teeth, fracturing of enamel and excessive wearing of teeth
Treatment Multidisciplinary approach focusing on occlusal rehabilitation, and restorative treatment to preserve where possible remaining tooth structure and protect the affected dentin from caries, attrition, abrasion and erosion
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Yet slum-dwelling Nishan, with brown teeth and traditional djellaba and turban, appears to be attuned to the self-consciously cultured narrator's stream of consciousness.
SPRINGFIELD - When they saw the photo of an aging smoker with dark circles under her eyes, sagging skin, wrinkles and brown teeth, the 30 or so fourth-grade students were silent.
The ruffled hair and chiselled good looks which made Robert such hit with Twilight fans are replaced with a deep Southern drawl, shaved head and brown teeth, modelled on "the kids at school who didn't brush them".
Yellow or brown teeth can simply be staining and erosion due to caffeine or tobacco consumption.
One offender is 6ft 2in tall, skinny, with greasy, short, dark brown hair combed forward and grey at the sides, with long bushy eyebrows, a slight moustache and yellow and brown teeth.
In her children's books like Wisahkecahk Flies to the Moon and How the Mouse Got Brown Teeth, Freda shared Cree language and traditional stories with grade school students.
It's not just the crazy make-up, the greasy green hair or a set of brown teeth that give The Joker his menace, but Ledger's rattlesnake-like intensity.
In veneering, a layer of enamel is added to discolored teeth--especially in new mothers who have undergone tetracycline medication (antibiotic shots) and in people who have suffered from excess fluoride intake through ground water (the condition fluorosis is characterized by weak and dark brown teeth and common in rural India).
Now that guy from the pub with brown teeth keeps muttering about his playlists.
IT IS provisionally entitled `The Prince Monolulu Memorial Award', although if I can ever remember the name of the tall man with the pinched face, the fag in his mouth and the gaps between his brown teeth, who used to come up to you in the car park at courses in the south and offer "the day's nailed-on cert" in a brown envelope in exchange for "the fiver you'd probably waste on a loser anyway", he may get a look in, too.