Brown Heroin

A contaminated heroin imported from Mexico in 1974 that was linked to folliculitis and subcutaneous nodules, musculoskeletal hypersensitivity, fever, paraspinal myalgias, arthralgias, and periarticular tenderness
Side effects Hypergammaglobulinaemia, biological false positive reaction for syphilis
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6 kg brown Heroin concealed in the cavity of one of 24 cricket bats.
ANF Lahore while checking the consignment of Sky-net Courier Company, recovered 1600 Gms of brown Heroin concealed in cavity of 1 out of 24 Cricket Bats.
In another operation ANF Karachi intercepted yet another consignment destined for UK and recovered 170 Gms of Brown Heroin.
Upon opening those pouches we recovered brown heroin concealed inside that was covered with solution tape and balloons," he said.
Deadly heroin hydrochloride - known as crystal heroin or china white - is TWICE the strength of brown heroin and much more addictive.
Citric acid is used to increase the solubility of brown heroin and has been offered to addicts who exchange their dirty needles for clean ones.
He was then searched, and a silver wrap of brown heroin powder was found in his pocket.
Then in the late 70s and early 80s a flood of cheap brown heroin hit Britain, nestling nicely into areas of economic deprivation where the recession had freed up a whole new host of users.
In another operation ANF Rawalpindi arrested a lady smuggler Bakht Zari r/o Rehmat Abadi, Peshawar and recovered one Kg Brown Heroin and one kg charas from her possession, while travelling in a hiace van near Burhan Motorway interchange.
Lindsay Russell, 40, had half a kilo of brown heroin in a bag when police stopped her car.
Heroin is being dabbled with in that sort of environment, certainly the smokable sort, brown heroin.