Brown Dots

A regional term for LSD
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From the top, these rural communities are like white and brown dots in the middle of thick vegetation and blue sea.
When this happens, blue-green algae can look like green flakes, greenish bundles or brown dots in a pond, lake or stream, according to the Blue Cross animal charity.
Blue-green algae are so small they can't be seen unless they are formed into clumps, which look like green flakes or brown dots.
According to Public Health Wales, blue-green algae cannot be seen with the naked eye unless concentrated into clumps, when it can appear as green flakes, greenish bundles or brown dots in the water.
The men were tall, with small brown dots on their pale white skin.
Dermoscopy of the finger nodule showed an erythematous area, central ulceration, yellow crust, brown dots, a white structureless area partially surrounding the lesion, and dotted vessels (Figure 2).
In Figures 4, 6, and 8, the PC [[??].sub.1] marked with a blue dot corresponds to the first type; the PCs [mathematical expression not reproducible] marked with green and brown dots, respectively, correspond to the second type.
Table 1: Differences in the dermoscopic features of Psoriasis and Lichen Planus Lichen Psoriasis Planus Dermoscopic (n=40) (n=40) Finding N (%) N (%) P-value Wikham's striae 0 24(60) 0.0001 Yellow brown dots 0 6(15) 0.11 Gray blue dots 3(7.5) 17(42.5) <0.0001 Comedo like 0 1(2.5) 0.314 openings Corn pearls 0 1(2.5) 0.314 Red dots 3(7.5) 0 0.077 Red globules 27(67.5) 1(2.5) 0.001 Glomeruli like 10(25) 1(2.5) 0.003 vessels Light red 17(42.5) 4(10) 0.001 background Gray blue 10(40) 32(80) 0.034 background Scales 35(87.5) 10(40) 0.057 Table 2: Comparison of dermoscopic features of Psoriasis with previous studies Vazquez- Yan Pan, Dermoscopic Lopez, Jose Alex J.
Wait a day to apply fake tan after shaving or waxing, otherwise the product settles into pores and leaves brown dots on your legs.
Fastigium of vertex with dark brown dots, sparse at medial dorsal region and absent at sulcus.
The youngster was wearing blue jeans, an orange sweater covered with brown dots and black shoes.
To keep the crop safe from diseases like rotten trunk and appearance of brown dots, germs attack on leaf, and effects of heat and humidity, farmers should remove weeds in time and the diseased plants at the early stage.