Brown Dots

A regional term for LSD
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Wait a day to apply fake tan after shaving or waxing, otherwise the product settles into pores and leaves brown dots on your legs.
I have these weird little brown dots on my boobs, like tiny freckles.
Thorax: pronotal disc with two black tubercles near central gap in suture that separates prozona from meso- and metazona; small dark brown dots concentrated on lateral region and close to medial sinus; a few tubercles dispersed over whole pronotal disc.
The youngster was wearing blue jeans, an orange sweater covered with brown dots and black shoes.
To keep the crop safe from diseases like rotten trunk and appearance of brown dots, germs attack on leaf, and effects of heat and humidity, farmers should remove weeds in time and the diseased plants at the early stage.
Legs: pale, with base of coxae brown; femora with pale brown dots more strongly developed on anterior than on posterior surface; proximal tibial spines with well-defined dark dots at base, dots fainter distally; tarsus distally tinged with pale brown.
THE brown dots that appear on the backs of your hands, linked with ageing, are patches of pigment from years of cumulative sun exposure.
Click on the word 'category' and a grid of brown dots shimmies into place, some of the dots bigger than the rest.
And so he decided that the most "logical" place to exhibit his painting was a Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlor, and the most "appropriate" painting for this setting would be pink with brown dots, echoing the company's standard decor.
One approach might be to start with tiger stripes, overlapped with brown dots representing leopard spots.