Brown Crystal

A regional term for heroin
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In addition to the jewelry, crystals, hats, T-shirts and food items found in his inventory, Trooper Driscoll found a metal tin containing a small amount of marijuana, two glassine bags with hashish, 19 purple pills (Xanax), a brown crystal substance (Ecstasy), 10 tabs of LSD, two digital scales, various plastic packaging materials, a glass pipe with marijuana residue and $2,000 worth of bills held together with elastics, the police report states.
Create glistening, tantalising lips with a clear product like Bobbi Brown Crystal Lipgloss, pounds 13 (01730 232 566) - you don't want to look like a car crash when you come up for air.
Compound I was isolated as light brown crystals and molecular formula was established as C27H33NO 387.
Other inclusions consisted of fine needles, feathers (Figure 32), tabular brown crystals (Figure 33) and lamellar twinning.
Serve the twinkling brown crystals in a desert dish or champagne flute.
com) did some poking around in a roadcut somewhere in Nevada County, and in a quartz vein exposed there he found some gemmy, lustrous, rich brown crystals of axinite (probably axinite-Fe) averaging 2.
Then the product was purified by crystallization from ethanol to give compounds 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 14 and 15 as pale brown crystals, yield 64.
At the Brown Monster mine, vanadinite occurs as transparent reddish brown crystals (to 2 mm) associated with mottramite and wulfenite.