Brown Crystal

A regional term for heroin
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Styles include 'JCMSun14,' which is an acetate frame available in blue or brown crystal, and 'JCMSun20' is a metal aviator available in black or gun colour options.
Bobbi Brown Crystal Lipgloss, PS18, Enhance the natural colour of your lips with this clear high-shine gloss.
Go bold on lips with L'Oreal Color Riche Intense Lipstick in Red Passion, PS8.19, 2 and add Bobbi Brown Crystal Glitter Lipgloss, PS14.50 over the top.
In addition to the jewelry, crystals, hats, T-shirts and food items found in his inventory, Trooper Driscoll found a metal tin containing a small amount of marijuana, two glassine bags with hashish, 19 purple pills (Xanax), a brown crystal substance (Ecstasy), 10 tabs of LSD, two digital scales, various plastic packaging materials, a glass pipe with marijuana residue and $2,000 worth of bills held together with elastics, the police report states.
Cue dungarees, glitter, playsuits, worn hats, scuffed Doc 1) Brown crystal mask sunglasses, pounds 179, Givenchy, stars and stripes scarf, pounds 12, Therapy, nude studded dress, pounds 20, Therapy, House of Fraser, 2) Sunny days jersey vest, pounds 40, French Connection, 3) Leather waistcoat, pounds 65, La Redoute,, 0844 842 2222 4) Suede ethnic embroidered purse, Martins and DayGlo body paint.
Create glistening, tantalising lips with a clear product like Bobbi Brown Crystal Lipgloss, pounds 13 (01730 232 566) - you don't want to look like a car crash when you come up for air.
Afifine I: Light brown crystals; UV (MeOH) Lmax nm: 236(4.35), 289(3.82); IR (KBr) vmax cm 3423, 1645, 1458, 1308; EIMS m/z: 387.557, 248.0, 276.2, 318.2, 262.1, 125.1, 69.1; 1H and 13C- NMR spectral data are summarized in Table 1.
Other inclusions consisted of fine needles, feathers (Figure 32), tabular brown crystals (Figure 33) and lamellar twinning.
Three volumes of 95% ethanol were added to concentrate fractions to get the crude brown crystals of lysine at 4oC crystals were re-dissolved in distilled water and decolourized with 0.5% activated charcoal.
It was obtained as brown crystals from ethanol; Yield: 63 % ; m.p.: 100102 oC; IR (KBr cm-1): 3429 (NH) 3090 (CH aromatic.) 2927 (CH aliphatic) 1663 (C=O); 1H NMR (DMSO-d6) 12.00 (s 1H NH) 8.11-7.11 (m 16H aromatic and olifinic proton); MS (m/z): 339 (M+) 247 (base peak); Anal.
Compound Color Solubility 1 Light brown crystals DMSO, EtOH, CH[Cl.sub.3] 2 Dark brown crystals DMSO, EtOH, CH[Cl.sub.3] 3 Light orange crystals DMSO, EtOH, CH[Cl.sub.3] 4 Light brown crystals DMSO, EtOH, CH[Cl.sub.3] 5 Colorless crystals DMSO, EtOH, CH[Cl.sub.3] 6 Yellow crystals DMSO, EtOH, CH[Cl.sub.3] 7 Yellow crystals DMSO, EtOH, CH[Cl.sub.3] Compound [[lambda]max] [R.sub.f] % age Molecular value (#) yield weight 1 226 0.45 84 220.273 2 324 0.61 78.2 219.288 3 227 0.78 76 305.176 4 275 0.71 70.8 226.279 5 253 0.65 91.6 302.378 6 371 0.82 75 271.277 7 346 0.73 80 316.275 (#) Stationary phase: silica gel.