Brown, Robert

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Robert, English botanist, 1773-1858.
brownian motion - Synonym(s): brownian movement
brownian movement - rapid random motion of small particles in suspension. Synonym(s): brownian motion; brownian-Zsigmondy movement; molecular movement; pedesis
brownian-Zsigmondy movement - Synonym(s): brownian movement
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Chris Sword (2), Anthony Brown, Robert Woods and Pete Webster scored for Longbenton as they saw off Seghill.
Class of 1961: Susan Anderson, James Brandt, Emile Pomerleau, Judith Prowten Brown, Robert Young
He's recorded with Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaata, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, James Brown, Robert Plant, Mark Stewart & The Mafia, Sinead O'Connor and Megadeth.
Cork said: "Ali Brown, Robert Croft, Mark Ramprakash.
Darren Fletcher, Alan Hutton, Danny Fox, Scott Brown, Robert Snodgrass, Shaun Maloney, Kevin Thomson, Garry O' Connor, Steven Naismith and Scott Robertson were the players who withdrew and Hill are asking how many of them will start their club's next match.
CONTRACT HOPES: Jonathan Hall, Mark Brown, Robert Jones and, front, drummer David Hamilton are bidding for recording fame Picture by PETER REIMANN
Sons of Rest members (from left) Vernon Bowcutt (secretary/treasurer) Gordon Brown, Robert Harvey, Sydney Loveridge, Barry Grainger, Frank Riley and Tom Gibson enjoying a drink at the Queen's Head pub.
Seminar speakers: Andrew Owen, head of employment law at Needham & James' Anne McMahon and Caroline Lee, Needham & James' Jerry Gibson, director of operational policy and performance at the national office of the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, ACAS' Justine Jobson, Mouchel Parkman' Robert Whitehouse, Needham & James' Cenita Sandhu, TDG' Bob Beckett, Themphos' Kate Wilson, Aston Martin' Above, Kathryn Nadin, Kantar Operations' Andrew Owen, Needham & James' Hannah Parker, CIPD chair Coventry & Warwickshire' Angela Ralph, Howkins & Harrison' Fiona Brown, Robert Half International' left, Caroline Lee, Needham & James' Anthony Norton, NFU Mutual' Omer Simjee, Needham & James' Kate Russell, Russell Personnel' David Suggett
Other acts include Kaiser Chiefs, Doves, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Dizzee Rascal, Ian Brown, Robert Plant and The Zutons.
But Ayr are still without the injured Graeme Brown, Robert Burgess and Jamie Doyle against STIRLING ALBION who miss George Rowe.
On a day when the likes of Alistair Brown, Robert Croft and David Hemp were in danger of disturbing local air traffic, let alone the London buses that skirt The Oval, 87 fours and 28 sixes were struck as records tumbled by the score.