J.W., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Broviac catheter.
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In the case of patients with semi-implanted catheters (Hickman, Broviac or Leonard type) or totally implanted catheters (port-a-cath), 5 mL of blood should be aspirated before flushing, to remove the previously infused heparin solution;
The subject of the order is the delivery of disposable equipment for the surgery team (including trocars, Staplers, Loads, Bone substitutes, Needles, Trimming device, Polymer and titanium clips, Surgical extracts, Cranial disposable pins, Handles, Laparoscopes and clamps, Surgical implants, Implants, Implants, Catheters, Stabilizers, Terminals, Stimulators, Valves, Intraperitoneal implants, Plasma collection system, Vacuum cement mixer, Valves, Prostheses, Anchors anchors for stabilization of detached soft tissue fragments, Cannulas, Broviac catheters, Valve sets, Drainage, Cerebrospinal fluid reservoir, Guides, Vascular port with titanium chamber and insertion kit, External lumbar drainage kit, Bipolar prosthesis , Polypropylene mesh, Plates and bolts, Specified see annex 2 for details.
Central venous catheters (CVCs) and Broviac lines are inserted in patients in whom intravenous access is difficult, where attempts at insertion of other central lines have failed, and/or in post-surgical patients who need TPN.
Broviac catheter infection with Kluyvera cryocrescens: a case report.
Each patient underwent an invasive procedure including central venous line placement, chest tube insertion, fiberoptic bronchoscopy, and femoral cut-down for Broviac placement.
Donna, of Cramlington, Northumberland, said: "The second time they thought she wouldn't make it was when they had to fit a Broviac line in her chest to feed her.
Desde 1973 se han utilizado cateteres externos como los tipo Hickman, utilizados para nutricion parenteral y los tipo Broviac en el trasplante de medula osea.
in 1979 which was subsequently modified and replaced by Broviac catheter.
Motherhood Exaggerated chronicles not only the paraphernalia of Nadia's cancer (surgeries, hospital stays, Broviac lines, infection, fever, chemo, and its accompanying side effects), but the way in which Hannan responds and defines her role against the templates of her own childhood, her own mother's example, and even that of her grandmother.
Ethanol-lock technique in the treatment of bloodstream infections in pediatric oncology patients with broviac catheter.
En 1973 se desarrollaron los dispositivos intravasculares invasivos de tipo Broviac y en 1979 fueron modificados; desde entonces se los ha utilizado ampliamente en pacientes con enfermedades malignas y se han obtenido con ellos muchos beneficios; sin embargo, no estan libres de complicaciones y se ha reportado una tasa de infeccion relacionada con el cateter de 0,2 a 7,2 por 1.
The biggest decrease occurred in the percentage of infected Broviac catheters (60% to 31%).