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A Japanese term for the 5th flavour—the others being sweet, salty, sour, bitter—triggered by carboxylate anion of glutamic acid, an amino acid common in meat, cheese, broth, stock, and other protein-rich foods.
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Browne told Judge John Brothy that Seamus Carthy, 48, needed help, but he asked him not to send him to prison.
of steam heat and brothy foods and just, well, oldness.
Many Guatemalan coffees, across the regions, have a brothy, almost meaty aroma.
Drink lots of water and/or brothy soups before the main course--you'll eat less.
AlpineAire Chicken Rotelle has a brothy but flavorful cheese-and-sour-cream sauce and plentiful chunks of chicken.
Another process causes a decrease in the meaty, brothy taste of beef.
DAVID TANIS NYT Syndicate In Vietnam, the breakfast choice for many is a steaming bowl of brothy pho, purchased from early-morning vendors who dispense the beloved spicy noodle soup until their supply is sold out, then close up shop for the day.
The weather stays brothy all year with an average annual temperature graph even flatter than its topography.
Greek yogurt whey offered a distinct potato flavor, and acid casein had both brothy and animal flavors.
For me, the ideal consistency is somewhere on the thicker side of brothy.
2007) showed that components responsible for umami characteristics contribute to the brothy taste of meat.
A rich, brothy bowl full of flavour and robust texture which, with the varieties of fresh bread on offer, created a healthy start to dinner.