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(rä-môN′), Gaston Léon 1886-1963.
French bacteriologist who in 1936 discovered a method of producing toxoids, leading to the development of vaccinations against diphtheria and tetanus.
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Characteristic trees were Brosimum alicastrum, Sideroxylon cartilagineum, Coussapoa purpusii, Hura polyandra, Guarea glabra, Dendropanax arboreus, and Populus guzmanantlensis (Schnell et al.
The site is a fragment of tropical subdeciduous forest with Brosimum alicastrum (Maya nut), Bursera simaruba (gumbo-limbo), Cedrela odorata (red cedar), and Spondias mombin (yellow mombin) as dominant trees.
Affects of Brosimum alicastrum and Lysolima latisiliquum mixtures on voluntary intake, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance in sheep fed tropical pastures.