Brooke, Henry Ambrose Grundy

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Henry Ambrose Grundy, English dermatologist, 1854-1919.
Brooke disease - (1) multiple small benign nodules, occurring mostly on the skin of the face, derived from basal cells of hair follicles enclosing small keratin cysts. Synonym(s): Ancell-Spiegler cylindroma; Ancell-Spiegler syndrome; Ancell syndrome; Brooke epithelioma; Brooke-Fordyce disease; Brooke-Fordyce trichoepithelioma; Brooke-Spiegler phatomatosis; Brooke tumor; trichoepithelioma - (2) a rare condition simulating keratosis follicularis. Synonym(s): Morrow-Brooke syndrome
Brooke epithelioma - Synonym(s): Brooke disease (1)
Brooke-Fordyce disease - Synonym(s): Brooke disease (1)
Brooke-Fordyce trichoepithelioma - Synonym(s): Brooke disease (1)
Brooke tumor - Synonym(s): Brooke disease (1)
Morrow-Brooke syndrome - Synonym(s): Brooke disease (2)
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