Bronsted acid

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Brøn·sted ac·id

an acid that is a proton donor.

Brønsted acid

Etymology: Johannes N. Brønsted, Danish physical chemist, 1879-1947
a molecule or an ion that acts as a hydrogen ion donor.

Brøn·sted ac·id

(brŭn'shtet as'id)
An acid that is a proton donor.


Johannes N., Danish physical chemist, 1879-1947.
Brønsted acid - an acid that is a proton donor.
Brønsted base - any molecule or ion that combines with a proton.
Brønsted theory - that an acid is a substance, charged or uncharged, liberating hydrogen ions in solution, and that a base is a substance that removes them from solution.
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Protic ILs have the additional advantage that the proton activity can be adjusted by the choice of Bronsted base and Bronsted acid used in their formation (Byrne & Angell 2008).
3, two desorption peaks can be observed in the samples: the first broad low-temperature (LT) desorption peak at 200-300, which is attributed to NH3 adsorbed on weak Lewis acid sites [11]; and there is a distinct high-temperature (HT) peak(at the range of 700-1200 ), which is attributed to the presence of Bronsted acid sites [11, 13].
The photoinitiators transform into free radicals for the acrylate chemistry or Bronsted acids for the cationic chemistry (Figure 4).
Onium salts are known as a novel class of stable, non-hygroscopic, highly efficient photoinitiators; they are latent sources of cation radicals and Bronsted acids which can be generated on demand by irradiation.
The heteroconjugation between Bronsted acids (phenols, carboxylic acids, and alcohols) and small inorganic anions has been explained as a separation mechanism in acetonitrile [11].