Johannes N., Danish physical chemist, 1879-1947. See: Brønsted acid, Brønsted base, Brønsted theory.
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Initiation of the cationic polymerization can be achieved by using protonic acids (Bronsted) or Lewis acids [11].
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This difference may be due to the fact that acetate ion is derived from a weak acid and, as a consequence, it is a stronger conjugate Bronsted base than chloride ion, which comes from a strong acid.
Bronsted acidic ionic liquid catalyzed an efficient and eco-friendly protocol for the synthesis of 2,4,5-trisubstituted-1H-imidazoles under solvent-free conditions.
The Ru atom acts as a Lewis acid/base (electron acceptor), whereas [O.sub.Br] is a Bronsted base (proton acceptor).
Therefore, in the present work, a polymer-supported Bronsted acidic IL catalyst, [BsPVPP]HS[O.sub.4], was applied in the preparation of TBC by the esterification of n-butanol with citric acid for the first time.
Microwave-assisted method for simultaneous hydrolysis and extraction in obtaining ellagic acid, gallic acid and essential oil from Eucalyptus globulus leaves using Bronsted acidic ionic liquid [HO3S(CH2)4mim]HSO4.
The incorporation of various organic compounds into clays and clay minerals has been reported, due to the surface properties of these minerals, such as their adsorption capacities, surface charges, their large surface area, charge density, types of exchangeable cations, hydroxyl groups on the edges, silanol groups of crystalline defects or broken surfaces, and Lewis and Bronsted acidity [15-17].
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