bronchoalveolar lavage

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1. irrigation or washing out of an organ or cavity, as of the stomach or intestine.
2. to wash out, or irrigate.
bronchoalveolar lavage a technique by which cells and fluid from bronchioles and lung alveoli are removed for diagnosis of disease or evaluation of treatment; a bronchoscope is wedged into a bronchus and sterile saline is pumped in and then removed along with the fluid and cells to be analyzed.
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bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL),

procedure for collecting the cellular milieu of the alveoli (for example, microorganisms, types of inflammatory cells) by use of a bronchoscope or other hollow tube through which saline is instilled into distal bronchi and then withdrawn.
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bronchoalveolar lavage

A “wash” of the upper respiratory tract mucosa to obtain cells for evaluating inflammation, infection or cancer.

Utility of BAL 
• Cytologic analysis;
• Analysis of CD4:CD8 ratio; and rarely also
• To obtain cells for gene rearrangement to diagnose lymphoma.
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bronchoalveolar lavage

Cytology A 'wash' of the upper respiratory tract to obtain cells for evaluating inflammation or cancer of lungs; BAL material is used for
1. Cytologic analysis.
2. Analysis of CD4:CD8 ratio and, rarely.
3. To obtain cells for gene rearrangement, ie Southern blot hybridization, to diagnose lymphoma.
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bron·cho·al·ve·o·lar la·vage

(BAL) (brong'kō-al-vē'ŏ-lăr lă-vahzh')
A procedureperformed using fiberoptic bronchoscopy, during which a distal airway is occluded and liquid is then introduced into the airway and recovered for examination of cell types and microorganisms.
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Bronchoalveolar lavage

A way of obtaining a sample of fluid from the airways by inserting a flexible tube through the windpipe. Used to diagnose the type of lung disease.
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