Broken Arrow

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A military term for a major nuclear weapons incident which may trigger placing nuclear weapons on pre-launch/launch status
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Four bankers were inducted into the OBA's 50-Year-Club for having banking careers of 50 years or more: Gilbert Gibson, IBC Bank, Oklahoma City; Neely Kimbrough, AVB Bank, Broken Arrow; Basil Taylor, First State Bank, Watonga; and Brad Swickey, Valliance Bank, Oklahoma City.
The Herringtons both joined the Broken Arrow transportation department after leaving their first careers, and say the work they do, especially with students with special needs, is very close to their hearts.
One city hit by Thursday's storm, Broken Arrow, Okla., was included in the issued "moderate" warnings.
Janet Dunlop, chief academic officer for Broken Arrow Schools, said about a dozen seniors from the district filed their appeal paperwork, only to learn the new law changed the process.
In September 1956, when Broken Arrow debuted, The Lone Ranger was entering its seventh and final season, also on ABC.
"We want to break down those walls." Himan, who lives in Broken Arrow with his partner of four years, says he thinks his living arrangement would have been impossible 40 years ago.
Broken Arrow: America's First Lost Nuclear Weapon by Norman S.
"Broken Arrow: America's First Lost Nuclear Weapon" is the story of America's near-fatal mistake that could have cost the world millions of lives.
19--Indian Springs Country Club, Broken Arrow, Okla.; TBD.
Instead, First Community decided to build on the mortgage company, Southern Mortgage Corp., it bought in Broken Arrow in October 2001.
The first dentist with whom I worked was Ronald Lamb, DMD, from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, who had brought along a member of his dental team, a dental hygienist named Laurie.