Broken Arrow

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A military term for a major nuclear weapons incident which may trigger placing nuclear weapons on pre-launch/launch status
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Sue, who works for the Broken Arrow school transportation department with her husband Randy, was determined to see JoJo in the proper equipment.
Broken Arrow was a prime example of how cheaply a Hollywood studio (in this case, 20th Century-Fox) could expand and adapt an existing film property into a TV series and reap fast revenues from the networks.
John Broken Arrow is a $100-million general acute care medical surgical hospital that includes a state-of-the-art emergency department, eight-room surgery suite, radiology department, and renowned Tulsa Bone & Joint Associates orthopedic center.
We're looking for additional sites out there right now, in Broken Arrow specifically and in the Tulsa area as a whole," he said.
The first direction was to give back to the community that supported the building of the Broken Arrow campus.
GIG: Campbells Country play the Broken Arrow Club tonight
Murphy's good fortune continued when he escaped with a caution after being found guilty of careless riding on Broken Arrow.
A pilot and a heavily-armed jet were missing last night in a feared re-run of the hit John Travolta film Broken Arrow.
Tulsa Tech and its Broken Arrow campus today announced the grand opening of their new, state-of-the-art automotive training facility which will teach and train Oklahoma students firsthand about alternative fuel technology.
BROKEN ARROW USA Today selected Broken Arrows Rose District in its list of the top 50 Charming Main Streets.
a mandatory pre-bid will be held on tuesday, december 12,2017 at 9:00 am at kirkland auditorium, 808 e college, broken arrow, ok 74012.
From Broken Arrow Bean Dip to Phoenix Grapefruit Salad, Rillito Beef Burritos, Hopi Blue Corn Bread, Santa Cruz Cranberry Relish, and Patagonia Rice Pudding, these flavorful creations allow one to experience Arizona culinary life without leaving the kitchen.