Brodmann's area

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Brod·mann's area

Any of the areas of the cerebral cortex mapped out on the basis of the cortical cytoarchitectural patterns.
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We thank Heba Lakany for her help in running some fMRI sessions and Heather Whalley for assistance with mapping areas of activation to Talairach coordinates and Brodmann's areas.
During fixation on the point at the centre of the tachistoscope's screen, the concavity of the eyeballs ensures that the light from the right half of the screen strikes the left hemiretinae of both eyes, fibres from which join at the optic chiasm to project back to Brodmann's area 17 (primary visual cortex) of the left, speaking brain: this is what enables the patient to say he saw the word OR.
The role of left Brodmann's areas 44 and 45 in reading words and pseudowords.