E.C., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Brockenbrough sign.
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Samantha Berger works with Martha Brockenbrough in Back to School with Bigfoot (9780545859738, $16.
Brockenbrough takes the reader on a chronological journey through his life using biographical research to present a well-rounded account that explores his strengths and flaws.
A holiday started by Martha Brockenbrough, an author who also founded the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, National Grammar Day is more than a chance to correct your friends' subject-verb agreement without seeming pretentious - it's a chance to celebrate good language and the rules that guide it.
Brockenbrough, "AISC rehabilitation and retrofit guide: a reference for historic shapes and specifications," APT Bulletin, vol.
PENNSYLVANIA--Rodney Brockenbrough, Biju Chacko, Jose Cortina, Mark Dialesandro, William Dold, John Kellon, Martha Landolina, Christopher McNicholas, Eric Myers, Paul Noel, Megan Preno, Russell Reuthe, Melanie Sayres, Michael Zaken, Lisa Zarilla
Finally, Cornell and Brockenbrough (2004) found there was a significant correlation between teacher reports of victimization and school discipline data, which could be used to augment data obtained by other means.
The book concludes with an extended excerpt from the diary of Judith Brockenbrough McGuire, a wealthy woman who took refuge in Richmond after federal troops occupied her home in the Shenandoah Valley.
Separately, Tredegar director, Austin Brockenbrough, 11-1, who has served on the Tredegar board since 1993, will retire from the board upon the expiration of his current term at the 2014 annual meeting.
The company's director, Austin Brockenbrough III, who has served since 1993, will retire upon the expiry of his current term at the 2014 annual meeting.
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Brockenbrough and Thomas Ritchie, the influential editor of the Richmond Enquirer, opposed Jackson's policy of "hard-money" radicalism, which would have limited the power of banks to issue paper and thereby affected the supply of currency.
The transseptal procedures were performed using a standard Brockenbrough needle and a Mullins sheath .