E.C., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Brockenbrough sign.
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Findings in this study revealed that some exemplary BWEs are expected to nurse their ineffective colleagues, which furthers existing research on the professional experiences of Black teachers (Brockenbrough, 2015; Delpit, 1988; Griffin & Tackie, 2016; Irvine & Frasier, 1998).
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Lee and Brockenbrough [18] analyzed production data coming from vertical wells and developed an analytical solution to describe transient pressure.
Samantha Berger works with Martha Brockenbrough in Back to School with Bigfoot (9780545859738, $16.99), a story illustrated by Dave Pressler that explores a big monster's dilemmas as he tries to fit into a classroom's routines.
A holiday started by Martha Brockenbrough, an author who also founded the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, National Grammar Day is more than a chance to correct your friends' subject-verb agreement without seeming pretentious - it's a chance to celebrate good language and the rules that guide it.
Septal puncture was performed with Brockenbrough needle under fluoroscopic guidance through femoral vein approach with TEE support.
All TSPs were done using a Brockenbrough needle (SL0 sheath and BRK-1 TS needle, St Jude Medical Inc., St.
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