E.C., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Brockenbrough sign.
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Finally, Cornell and Brockenbrough (2004) found there was a significant correlation between teacher reports of victimization and school discipline data, which could be used to augment data obtained by other means.
Separately, Tredegar director, Austin Brockenbrough, 11-1, who has served on the Tredegar board since 1993, will retire from the board upon the expiration of his current term at the 2014 annual meeting.
Perhaps we could hear Judge John Brockenbrough telling dinner companions about his plans to found the Lexington School of Law (now Washington and Lee University School of Law.
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Cornell and Brockenbrough (2004) found that teacher and peer reports of bully victimization were moderately correlated (r= .
The author was probably Judge William Brockenbrough.
In Estate of Brockenbrough, (21) the taxpayer and his spouse bought a farm where they planned to live upon retirement.
Brockenbrough, editor and engineering consultant, and 15 contributors provides a fully-updated third edition of this reference on effective contemporary highway design, maintenance, replacement, and repair.
Juvonen, Graham, and Schuster (2003) reported that in their sample of 1,985 American 6th graders, boys were over three times more likely to be classified as bully-victims than were girls, and Brockenbrough, Cornell, and Loper (2002) found that in their sample of 8,273 American middle school and high school students, males were six times more likely to be bully-victims than were female students.
Interviews generally last two to three hours although those with children aged four to eleven are typically shorter and are modified to include doll-play and story completion (Moseley & Brockenbrough, 1988).