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Drug slang A regional term for marijuana
Nutrition A cruciferous plant—Brassica oleracea—which resembles cauliflower. High dietary consumption of cruciferous vegetables is thought to reduce the incidence of colorectal carcinoma
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To pick the freshest broccoli, look at the stem -- it shouldn't be dried out.
All of it, in fact, seems like too much, at least at first: The broccoli is cooked too long, there's too much blue cheese, too many nuts.
"Broccoli Boot Camp" also contains forms to track data, incentives, and meals, and a behavior contract to use with older children.
Beyond the antioxidant content, broccoli is also high in fiber.
Once the broccoli is done, set aside a few of the smaller pieces.
3 Romanesco broccoli is also rich in glucosinolates and thiocyanates that help support the liver against potentially toxic substances.
BROCCOLI CHEESE QUICHE Preheat oven to 200C degrees.
She worked on her first Bond film in 1977 when she was a teenage publicist for the Spy Who Loved Me, starring Sir Roger Moore Broccoli is the daughter of former 007 producer Albert "Cubby" Broccoli, who made the first Bond flicks starring Sean Connery.
Add some broken pieces of the Strathdon Blue and the broccoli florets then grill until sauce is bubbling.
Dubai: Broccoli, an Italian restaurant born in the UAE, is trying to become the largest operator of restaurants in the country.
The price of broccoli in the markets is three to four times more than cauliflower.