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Keywords: Stroke, Aphasia, Script training, Language deficit, Automatic speech, Conversational context, Patients with Broca's aphasia, Communication, Rehabilitation, Speech Language Pathology.
Neuroimaging studies have demonstrated that brain areas activated during speaking are notoriously larger than the classical Broca's area (Ardila, Bernal, & Rosselli, 2016d; Gernsbacher & Kaschak, 2003; Pickering & Garrod, 2013).
"This new finding helps us move towards a less dichotomous view where Broca's area is not a center for speech production, but rather a critical area for integrating and coordinating information across other brain regions."
Thompson, "Perception of functional morphology in agrammatic Broca's aphasia," Brain and Language, vol.
Although Firmin's entry into the Societe occurred more than a decade later, it seems clear that Broca's recent death had unsettled the balance of power and re-agitated old disputes.
When speaking of nonfluent and fluent aphasia, most researchers still mean Broca's and Wernicke's aphasia.
Since most people are right-handed, the affected area is usually in the left hemisphere, and in the case of Broca's aphasia, the damage is most often to the left posterior frontal lobe, and may also involve white matter and the basal ganglia of the brain.
When Leborgne died shortly thereafter of a gangrenous infection, Broca's autopsy revealed a lesion in a part of the brain he referred to as the circonvolution du language, now known as Broca's area.
MR results showed that Broca's area is apparently normal in autistic boys who have normal language capabilities.
In addition, women who had undergone chemotherapy had increases in blood flow that were strongest in the inferior frontal gyrus region (Broca's area), compared with women who did not undergo chemotherapy.
Broca's area, a region on the left side of your brain just behind your forehead is the "vocalizer." This region was most active when you were just learning to read.
The part of the brain involved, called Broca's area,deals with memory, language processing and organisation.