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speech and language pathologist



A health care professional trained to evaluate and treat people who have voice, speech, language, swallowing, or hearing disorders, esp. those that affect their ability to communicate or consume food.
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Also note that if you connect to the network through a switch (as opposed to a hub), you will only see the broadcast traffic and any traffic specifically targeted to any devices also on the same switch port.
Broadcast Traffic has been working alongside WalesTrade International initiative ExportAssist to generate overseas business.
At the EMCS we can monitor all the broadcast traffic everywhere on campus--but the propagation is tightly controlled--and problems from misconfiguration of controllers are minimized.
Broadcast Traffic Systems shows that when you have a good product the world really can be your oyster.
Laird says LAN-linking users of his company's bridge product typically install a router to filter broadcast traffic before it gets to the bridge and establishes a call between the two sites.
The ad platform integrates with advanced buying and planning tools and supports all major third-party broadcast traffic systems.
He is also the president of the Broadcast Traffic Consortium, and leads the TagStation data service and NextRadio smartphone app development teams.

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