fracture toughness

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frac·ture tough·ness

(frakshŭr tŭfnĕs)
Ability of material to resist breakage.
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According to the complex stress conditions in the peninsular centre, brittle strength [3] was calculated in thrust, strike-slip and normal fault regimes, and thus [alpha] was respectively 3.
2009); consequently, strike-slip regime ([alpha] in [3]) is the upper limit to estimate the brittle strength in this region.
i]([sigma]) of the minimum value of brittle strength is given by (Cramer, 1946; Gumbel, 1960)
The resulting equation cannot be solved in an elementary way for normally distributed brittle strength values of the elementary units.
in which m and s are the mean and standard deviation of the brittle strength of the elementary units, governed by the normal distribution function f ([sigma]).