British Pharmacopoeia

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, Pharmacopoeia (far'mă-kō-pē'ă),
A work containing monographs of therapeutic agents, standards for their strength and purity, and their formulations. The various national pharmacopeias are referred to by abbreviations, of which the following are the most frequently encountered: USP, the Pharmacopeia of the United States of America (United States Pharmacopeia); BP, British Pharmacopoeia; Codex medicamentarius, the French Pharmacopeia; I.C. Add. (or BA), the Indian and Colonial Addendum to the BP; IP, International Pharmacopeia; Pharmacopeia Austr., the Austrian Pharmacopeia; Ph.G., the German Pharmacopeia (D.A.B.); Pharmacopeia Helv., the Swiss Pharmacopeia. The first edition of the USP was compiled in 1820 and was made a legal standard by the terms of the National Food and Drugs Act in January 1907.
[G. pharmakopoiia, fr. pharmakon, a medicine, + poieo, to make]
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According to British Pharmacopoeia, the limit of formaldehyde in PEG is 15 ppm [5].
It is not official in Indian pharmacopoeia, British pharmacopoeia, United States pharmacopoeia, and European pharmacopoeia.
According to British Pharmacopoeia [3] the sum of this two eleutherosides in underground organs should not be lower than 80mg- 100g.
[8] European Pharmacopoeia, 5th ed., 2004 and British pharmacopoeia 1993, volume-1(International edition) Pseudoephedrine HCl page no.
The disintegration time of all the nine brands, however, fall within British Pharmacopoeia (16) specification of disintegration time of [less than or equal to]15 min.
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The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency publishes the British Pharmacopoeia. The British Pharmacopoeia (BP) is the official collection of standards for UK medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances.
Ocimum oil was extracted from the fresh leaves by hydro-distillation using the British Pharmacopoeia method (British Pharmacopoeia, 1988).
The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency publishes the British pharacopoeia.The British Pharmacopoeia (BP) is the official collection of standards for UK medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances.
About 60 crude drugs, recently included in editions of the European and British pharmacopoeias, have now been given separate entries in Part 3.

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