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National Health Service. Launched in 1948, the NHS has grown to become the largest publicly funded healthcare system in the world. It is run by the UK Department of Health and politically accountable to central Government. The NHS provides free care to all eligible individuals living in any of the four countries (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales). The NHS (which includes Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, NHS [England], NHS Scotland, and NHS Wales) is the fourth largest employer in the world (after the Chinese Army, Wal-Mart and the Indian Railways).


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NHS (Scotland)

National Health Service

British medicine The 50+-yr-old UK government agency that controls the British form of socialized medicine. See Fund holding, Total purchasing.
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The British National Health Service HTA Programme advises "scan all immediately" for diagnosing new neurological deficits with the understanding that CT scans were most available and cost-effective.
The book has a global/comparative focus and investigates many policy issues of emerging importance: chapter four addresses the British National Health Service (NHS); chapters two and five focus on pharmaceutical policy and politics; and chapter eight considers the problem of environmental contamination.
The agreements are estimated to be able to save the NHS, the British National Health Service, around GBP30m and the arrangements with Cisco Systems Inc, EMC Computer Systems, Hewlett Packard, SeeBeyond, Sun Microsystems Inc and TATA Consultancy Services are intended to aid the modernisation of the NHS.
FOUL-MOUTHED funny man Dennis Leary spent six months "held hostage" by the British National Health Service - and used the experience to become a multi-millionaire.
Numerous health organizations, such as the British National Health Service, the U.
Comment, Safeguards for the Rights of Patient and Doctor Under a National Health Program--The British National Health Service Act of 1946, 60 YALE L.
Apart from learning about the position of geriatric medicine in the British National Health Service, it was interesting to learn about how elderly people are treated in British society.
His book is a careful, comparative study of two historic health care reforms--the British National Health Service Act of 1945 and the Medicare Act of 1965 establishing America's health insurance program for the elderly.
My mother still lives under that system," Butler says, referring to the British National Health Service.
Although controversy surrounded the enactment of the British National Health Service, many physicians were positively disposed to it, particularly as they viewed government intervention as a guaranteed source of income.
1), there follows a fairly comprehensive summary of the structure and working of the British National Health Service and the supplementary role of the private sector (ch.
A graduate of the British National Health Service (NHS) general management post graduate program, Dyer holds a Bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Greenwich, London, and is a Chartered Public Finance Accountant.

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