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a liquid hydrocarbon, C6H6, obtained mainly as a byproduct of the destructive distillation of coal, used as a solvent. It is irritant, toxic, and carcinogenic.
benzene hexachloride (BHC) a chlorinated hydrocarbon; one isomer, gamma benzene hexachloride (lindane) is used as an insecticide, to kill lice.


benzene hexachloride.


benzene hexachloride


abbreviation for benzene hexachloride.


A gene on chromosome 14q13 that encodes a transcription factor which binds and activates the promoter of thyroid-specific genes—e.g., for thyroglobulin, thyroperoxidase and thyrotropin receptor. NKX2-1 is crucial in the maintenance of the thyroid differentiation phenotype, and it may play a role in lung development and surfactant homeostasis.


Any of several chlorine derivatives in which the chlorine atoms are all attached to carbon atoms.


γ-BHC see benzene hexachloride.
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But a Scottish Government source said: "The Foreign Office are still saying they will not send anyone from the British High Commission to Lahore to help Aamer Anwar, which is disappointing in the circumstances.
According to the British High Commission, the free presentations will take place on Tuesday October 20 at the Larnaca Civil Defence Headquarters in Mackenzie and on Thursday October 22 at Palia Ilektriki cultural centre, in Paphos Town Centre at 10.
I would like to thank the British High Commission for organizing this remarkable opportunity and to NUST for conducting it at their prestigious university.
British High Commission (BHC) in New Delhi requires the Housekeeping services for the cleaning of offices; residential accommodation; club and recreational areas and road and pavements.
The one- week study tour is funded by the British High Commission which has partnered with Virgin Atlantic for the debate.
The report also claimed that the pictures made available by the British High Commission included one of Ali Asad and two of Mohammad Ali Asad.
British Premier David Cameron and summoned British High Commission to the
ISLAMABAD, May 29 -- Efforts of Muslim Aid, a UK-based humanitarian agency, were lauded during a reception at the British High Commission (HC) for providing clean drinking water and sanitation facilities to over 39,000 families of conflict-affected areas of Swat.
WELCOME HOME: Sahil Saeed waves with his father Raja Naqqash Saeed during their reunion at the British High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan
The British High Commission in South Africa said: "For groups of supporters it would be safe to look at getting a driver.
More than 1,000 people massed outside the British High Commission in Colombo, accusing the UK of supporting the Tamil Tigers in the Sri Lankan conflict.
Three of the wounded worked for the British High Commission in the capital.

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