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The traditional religious rite—the Brith Milah—of circumcision as practised by Jews; it is performed by the 8th day of life, not by a physician, but rather by a mohel, pron moil
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Central to the brit milah ceremony is the inclusion of the male infant into the covenant between Abraham and God.
(20) The priests' motivations for fashioning the circumcision mandate as they did were likely multiple, but the result was a singular new Jewish mandate, a religious rite that would become a defining feature of Jewish faith, the practice of circumcising an infant son on his eighth day of life: the brit milah.
It must be noted that Hoffman never answers his opening questions about the importance of the brit milah. As an insider to the traditions he studies, Hoffman is seeking a rational, institutionalized reason why even secular Jews practice circumcision.
In Denmark, a petition favoring a brit milah ban has received 68% of its target of 50,000 signatures.
He will turn the occasion of the performance of the mitzvah of brit milah into a special and wonderful day that parents will never forget.
Lack of metsitsah does not invalidate a brit milah. The real question is, however, how critical is it for metsitsah to be performed?
"Banning Brit Milah will be an effective deterrent and will guarantee that no Jewish community will be established," they wrote.
And after the glorified brit milah is complete, the delicious metzitzah b'peh provides the icing on the cake.
"We hope to bring awareness of the relevance and importance of brit milah," the rabbi told JTA, using the Hebrew-language word for Jewish ritual circumcision, which is typically performed on boys when they are eight days old.
"We have witnessed for some time now public and legal struggles against the brit milah in many countries in Europe and in the United States," the judges wrote.
In the Jewish tradition, of course, the brit milah lies at the very core of God's covenant with his people.
Bashi was fully conscious and his son-in-law served as his "sandek," a person honored at a Jewish brit milah ceremony.