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city in England.
Bristol diet therapy - diet developed at the Cancer Help Centre in Bristol, emphasizing whole foods and the use of organic produce while avoiding caffeine and dairy products.
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But put that fact together with the location of Lynn Dykstra's car wash business in Simi Valley and the address of the ballpark where Minor Leaguer Ron Neccia struck out 27 batters in a ball game in Bristol, Virginia, and you begin to build an unusual picture of baseball outside the foul lines.
The Board of Trustees also selected Shelley Brooke Harper of Bristol, Virginia, to receive the Louis and Fannie Sager Memorial Scholarship Award.
The coal-mining equipment manufacturer EIMCO LLC, located in Bluefield, West Virginia, would be acquired by the German company Deutsche Bergbau-Technik, while Sandvik MGT's Chemical Products Division, located in Bristol, Virginia, would be acquired by the US company Minova Inc.
Walls, assistant professor of criminal justice and director of campus safety at Bluefield College in Bluefield, Virginia, delivered this address to the graduates of the preemployment class at the Southwest Law Enforcement Academy in Bristol, Virginia, on April 19, 2002.
The parkway itself extends 469 miles, but the region is much larger, encompassing the homes of former presidents Andrew Johnson and Thomas Jefferson; Jonesboro, Tennessee, the first town placed on the National Register of Historic Places; Bristol, Virginia, considered country music's birthplace; and the frontier first opened to settlers by Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett through the Wilderness Road.
wide EXTREN DWB beams manufactured by Strongwell Corporation (Bristol, Virginia) to provide an AASHTO HS-20 rated bridge that can carry full tractor trailer traffic.
Worrying about all the details of the transaction, it may be easy to overlook potential environmental concerns, but that wasn't the case when The United Company of Bristol, Virginia was selling off a mining-supply company and purchasing a roofing-supply firm.
formcoke were also published in 1995, and the formcoke that is the subject of this article was developed by Coal Technology Corporation (CTC), Bristol, Virginia, which was recently acquired by Antaeus Energy, Charleston, West Virginia, the U.S.
The Bristol Herald was battling with the Bristol, Virginia city manager over a report of the investigation into the suicide of the community's sheriff.
We selected Leisure Park Towers, a 10-year-old Section 8 property for elderly residents in Bristol, Virginia, to serve as the Beta test site.