Brissaud, Édouard

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Brissaud, Édouard

Fr. physician and pathologist, 1852–1909.

Brissaud infantilism


Brissaud reflex

Contraction of the tensor fasciae latae muscle when the sole of the foot is stroked or tickled. It is a component of the extensor plantar response.
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Edouard, French physician, 1852-1909.
Brissaud disease - habitual, repeated contraction of certain muscles, resulting in actions that can be voluntarily suppressed for only brief periods. Synonym(s): tic
Brissaud infantilism - Synonym(s): infantile hypothyroidism
Brissaud reflex - tickling the sole causes a contraction of the tensor fasciae latae muscle, even when there is no responsive movement of the toes.
Brissaud-Marie syndrome - unilateral spasm of the tongue and lips, of hysterical nature.
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