Edouard, French physician, 1852-1909. See: Brissaud disease, Brissaud infantilism, Brissaud reflex, Brissaud-Marie syndrome.
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Cochin site - ollier building, cornil brissaud, pasteur and hardy - 27 rue du faubourg saint jacques 75014 paris
Love is in the air as the famous pair reel in an unforgettable experience at the Watermill Lodge, Co Fermanagh, home to award-winning French chef Pascal Brissaud and his wife Valerie.
Jean-Bernard Brissaud <<The meanings of entropy>> Entropy 2005, 7[1], 68-96 M.
In those interviews, according to Brissaud and Cogis (2011, p.45), "it is asked that the students comment, from the text they just wrote, on some of the graphemes they produced.
Si nos cenimos al campo de las investigaciones etnoarqueologicas realizadas en este marco geografico, podemos decir que el escenario seria parecido, identificandose exclusivamente un numero pequeno de publicaciones que profundizan poco en cuestiones de indole social (Brissaud 1982; Nicholson y Patterson 1991; Nicholson 1995; Redmount 2000; Duistermaat y Groot 2008).
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Methotrexate was listed by Brissaud in 2000 among one of the possible causes (6).
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Surprisingly, the previous 1904 Gerspachen's article on tuberculose spondyloartritis, gives a full detailed description of the various etiologies for spondylitis, and among the cited 48 references, we find the names of Leri, Marie, Babinski, Forestier, Brissaud, Strumpell, von Bechterew, and Grancher [26,27].