Edouard, French physician, 1852-1909. See: Brissaud disease, Brissaud infantilism, Brissaud reflex, Brissaud-Marie syndrome.
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Methotrexate was listed by Brissaud in 2000 among one of the possible causes (6).
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Surprisingly, the previous 1904 Gerspachen's article on tuberculose spondyloartritis, gives a full detailed description of the various etiologies for spondylitis, and among the cited 48 references, we find the names of Leri, Marie, Babinski, Forestier, Brissaud, Strumpell, von Bechterew, and Grancher [26,27].
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Wastewater reclamation and recycling have been prominently used or are being considered in the arid and semi-arid parts of the world such as West Asia (Al-A'ama and Nakhla 1996), Mediterranean Europe (Angelakis and others 2005), parts of Africa (Bahri and Brissaud 1996), Australia (Eden 1996), and in China, where demand for clean water outstrips supply (Yang and Abbaspour 2007).
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According to Olivier Brissaud of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers, the creditor and debtor argument is geographical.
Using of integrated design (Tichkiewitch & Brissaud, 2004) of products by CAD (Stanova et al.