Brisket Disease

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A form of mountain sickness that affects cattle kept at high altitudes, which is characterised by congestive heart failure
Exacerbating conditions Anamia, myocardial disease, lung disease, hypoproteinemia
Lab Increased RBCs, increased Hb, increased PO4, increased K+, decreased Ca2+
Management Avoid exercise, hand feed, digitalis, diuretics, hyperbaric chamber, return to lower altitude


the mass of connective tissue and fat covering the anterior part of the chest in ruminants. Lies at the most ventral part of the neck, between the front legs and covering the anterior end of the sternum.

brisket disease
see altitude sickness.
brisket edema
an important indication of generalized edema due to congestive heart failure or hypoproteinemia. Also caused by local venous obstruction, e.g. due to thymic lymphosarcoma or injury due to sharp edges or too high fronts on feed troughs.