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The traditional religious rite—the Brith Milah—of circumcision as practised by Jews; it is performed by the 8th day of life, not by a physician, but rather by a mohel, pron moil
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Female soldiers are prohibited from deployment in combat units but do sustain BRIs, albeit infrequently, via indirect fire.
We look forward to offering all of our ADW account holders benefits through our player-rewards program, the Twin Spires Club, as well as the high-quality handicapping and pedigree information generated by BRIS and TSN.
To direct the worst show ever, Max goes looking for the worst director ever, and finds him in Roger De Bris (Gary Beach), who advises him that the only way to make a World War II musical tolerable is to "keep it gay.
With these new models the INVISION product line can now support virtually any level of ISDN connectivity -including four BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces), two PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces), and even four PRIs in a single device.
org/ ), a top-ranked global business school based in Switzerland, today announced the appointment of Arturo Bris (http://www.
Dim ond rhyw 10-12% o bris llyfr rydan ni'n ei gael fel breindal fel mae hi; sut mae disgwyl i rywun wneud bywoliaeth os ydi'n gwaith ni'n cael ei roi i ffwrdd am nesa peth i ddim fel e-lyfrau?
Birmingham v Bris City HAYDEN MULLINS promises Birmingham can't wait to sink their teeth into Bristol City to end their horror home form - and cheer up boss Lee Clark.
Sut i wneud y gorau o'r sbarion dros ben yng nghefn yr oergell fydd y dasg ar bl--t Dudley Newbery yr wythnos hon, wrth iddo barhau i'n hannog i goginio mwy am bris llai.
Bydd merched Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant yn rhannu ychydig o dips am sut i goginio mwy am bris llai, a bydd Dudley yn coginio pysgodyn mewn cytew coconyt bendigedig, gan brofi nad oes rhaid i fwyd flasu nac edrych yn ail law, er mai sbarion sydd ar y pl--t.
Aside from its marketing appeal, with Yiddish phrases explained on its labels and pictures celebrating the bris ritual, weddings and maturity, the water boasts a kosher certification, differentiating it from many of its counterparts, even those bottled under different names at the same plant in Riverside County.
My accountant, who's an Orthodox Jew and gay, was deeply wounded when his brother didn't include him in the rituals surrounding a nephew's bris (circumcision).
Continually searching for innovative products, Rhodia is pleased with the pilot results of our new Kaidara-based solution within the Personal Care business and believe that it will become an invaluable component to our world-class customers' research and the purchasing of Rhodia's products," said Jacques-Benoit Le Bris, e-Business Director at Rhodia.