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Paul, French physician, 1796-1881. See: Briquet ataxia, Briquet disease, Briquet syndrome.
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Searching under 'crown' and 'Denis' in Briquet online, we were able to find a very similar watermark very quickly.
Nao tendo encontrado trabalho do proprio autor sobre seu texto, Briquet de Lemos procedeu a preparacao dos "originais" a que teve acesso.
Speaking of Music embraces the years addressed in both Briquet and Tyrell/Wise respectively.
- Hearing T-263/04 Bic v OHMI (Forme d'un briquet electronique): Intellectual property
In one case study, Briquet describes the male patient as exhibiting the following qualities: "fort impressionnable, a l'esprit tres romanesque, pleure facilement et est toujours fort emu quand il va au spectacle"(16).(4) Echoing the taboos surrounding the corruptive effects of the imagination of reading women, Briquet describes the patient's propensity to nervous illness by making use of a nineteenth-century diagnostic commonplace that links reading, imagination, impressionability' and nervous disorder in women in a natural and causal relationship.
The first few folios have watermarks comprising two crossed swords (Briquet 5159, Florence 1459), the majority of the rest of the manuscript have watermarks of two crossed arrows (Briquet 6270, Venice 1457), and the last few folios have watermarks of a crescent (Briquet 5206, Milan 1475).
Roll presses can make many different briquet shapes and sizes--down to 2 g (0.07 oz).
These machines can compact a variety of materials into many different briquet shapes and sizes, ranging from 2 grams (0.07 oz.) to 10 lbs in weight.
In what follows, I make reference to four primary resources of dated watermarks: the published album of Charles Moise Briquet (shorthand reference=Briquet); the unpublished archive of tracings at the Bibliotheque de Geneve (shorthand reference=Briquet Archive); the print volumes of Gerhard Piccard (cited by volume); and the online database of the Piccard collection (=Piccard Online).
Con ampliaciones digitales de gran formato de fotografias ineditas, anonimas o realizadas por creadores tan relevantes como Briquet, Charnay, Waite, Luis Marquez, Guillermo Zamora, Manuel Ramos, Nacho Lopez y Hector Garcia, entre muchos otros, la curadora nos presenta la tienda de los sastres de Porfirio Diaz, los muertos de la Decena Tragica, el clamor sindical de Jorge Negrete, la geometrizacion industrial de la urbe ...
On examining the volume, I noticed that the watermark on folios 1-2 resembles Briquet 12741, a watermark related to documents of the late 1580s.