Johan A., Swedish metallurgist, 1849-1925. See: Brinell hardness number.
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It can test nondestructively in the Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop and Brinell hardness scales, using software designed to make the process easy, repeatable and automatic.
AR400 brinell steel, the mixer drum bears on a re-engineered pedestal and is configured with a one-third, two-third weight distribution from the front to rear axles to deliver responsive driving performance.
The latest release in this series of hardness testers, including the HR-530 (maximum specimen size height: 250 mm; depth: 150 mm) and the HR-530L (maximum specimen size height: 395 mm; depth 150 mm), features an electronic control, giving it capabilities for Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, and Light Force Brinell hardness testing.
Wheel weights are too hard because they contain antimony, and heat-treating them doubles the Brinell hardness far too hard for any muzzleloader.
* Narrow Brinell hardness window of 475 to 505 HBW.
The steel is tough enough to act as both the contract and structural material in heavy-duty tipper bodies and buckets, and deliver wear and dent resistance under heavy impact - with a Brinell hardness window of 475-505 HBW - for increased service life,
General Kinematics LOCKTITE rotary drum liners are constructed out of abrasion resistant 450 Brinell steel, which is almost double the hardness (Bhn) of austempered ductile steel.
The aim of this study was to investigate the anisotropic characteristics of Brinell hardness for six species (softwood, Chinese fir [Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook.], Red pine [Pinus koraiensis Sieb.