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A hair coat color in which there is a uniform mixture of gray or tawny hairs with others of white or black; a composite color. Usually results in a black tiger stripe pattern on tan background; governed by the e allele at the extension locus.
[diminutive of O.E. brinded]
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Diamond Fire Extinguisher (Brindle & Sons)was founded in 1999 by former miner and parish councillor John Brindle.
Part-owner Ian `Westmead Merlin' Broom said yesterday: "There are four blacks and four brindles. Apparently the first one out is quite a size and took his time to appear, but everything was fine afterwards with mother and pups all healthy."
So, like many authors, she writes different books under another name - Jane Brindle, the name of her late and much-missed mother.
The Brindle books are sinister, psychological thrillers, delving deep into the evil of humanity and are, she admits, a way of resolving the pain of her own upbringing.