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(brĭj′ĭz), Calvin Blackman 1889-1938.
American geneticist noted for his work on the chromosome theory of heredity and the mapping of chromosomes.
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Leaving the bridge, I had only to cross the road beyond, and to enter a plantation on the bank of the river.
A nameless fear crept over me, as I looked out on the bridge.
United by a spiritual bond, undiscovered and unsuspected by us in the flesh, did we two, who had met as strangers on the fatal bridge, know each other again in the trance?
It was then that Johnson came hurrying to the bridge.
He flushed, hesitated a moment, and then, saluting, turned upon his heel and left the bridge.
The steps to which the girl had pointed, were those which, on the Surrey bank, and on the same side of the bridge as Saint Saviour's Church, form a landing-stairs from the river.
The two figures of the young lady and her companion soon afterwards appeared upon the bridge.
Dorothy and Polly had reached the bridge and crossed it when the Scoodlers began throwing their heads.
The shaggy man laughed and walked across the bridge to rejoin his companions.
The owl-man led him back down the mountain path and ordered the scarlet alligator to crawl away and allow the Nome to cross the bridge in safety.
They were all on the bridge when the real force of the hurricane struck the ship.
What from the magnitude of the shock might have been a column of water running upright in the dark, butted against the ship, broke short, and fell on her bridge, crushingly, from on high, with a dead burying weight.