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(brĭj′ĭz), Calvin Blackman 1889-1938.
American geneticist noted for his work on the chromosome theory of heredity and the mapping of chromosomes.
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"Only five hundred feet from the bridge. We are now going to cross the Beresina, Stephanie, and once across I will not torment you any more; you shall sleep; we shall be in safety, and can reach Wilna easily.-- God grant that she may never know what her life has cost!" he thought.
Every man now understood his danger instinctively, and the whole mass rushed to gain the bridge with the motion of a wave.
He said that mistress had been in a dreadful way ever since dark, fearing some accident had happened, and that she had sent James off on Justice, the roan cob, toward the wooden bridge to make inquiry after us.
"No, my dear; but if your Black Beauty had not been wiser than we were we should all have been carried down the river at the wooden bridge." I heard no more, as they went into the house, and John took me to the stable.
She left the bridge on the side by which I had first seen her approach it, and walked slowly away along the darkening track of the highroad.
As I walked away toward the opposite end of the bridge, the doubt began to grow on me whether she had spoken the truth.
And then he saluted me, and strode from the bridge, a martyr to loyalty and friendship, for, though no man might know that Lieutenant Jefferson Turck had taken his ship across thirty, every man aboard would know that the first officer had committed a crime that was punishable by both degradation and death.
Johnson," I said, "and attend to the work of unpacking the extra instruments and having them properly set upon the bridge."
The steps to which the girl had pointed, were those which, on the Surrey bank, and on the same side of the bridge as Saint Saviour's Church, form a landing-stairs from the river.
Dorothy and Polly had reached the bridge and crossed it when the Scoodlers began throwing their heads.
The alligator turned to look over its shoulder, and at once Guph ran to the bridge and leaped over the sentinel's back before it could turn back again.
And he heard in answer a voice, as if crying far away, as if screaming to him fretfully from a very great distance, the one word "Yes!" Other seas swept again over the bridge. He received them defencelessly right over his bare head, with both his hands engaged in holding.