BASE jumping

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A type of low-altitude sky diving/extreme sport—invented by Carl Boenish in 1978 in Texas—in which participants jump—with parachute—from 4 types of structures that constitute the acronym, BASE:
• Buildings
• Antennas/Aerials
• Spans (bridges)
• Earth (cliffs)

480 men and women have been awarded an official BASE number. As of April 2009, 133 people have died BASE jumping, with an estimated 1 fatality/60 participants

BASE jumping

Sports medicine An extreme sport in which participants jump–with parachute-from 4 types of structures that constitute the acronym: Buildings, Antennas, Spans–bridges, Earth–cliffs

BASE jump·ing

(bās jŭmp'ing)
A sport in which participants use a parachute and jump from four types of fixed man-made or natural objects: building or skyscraper, antenna or tower, span (bridge arch or deck), and earth (cliff).
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