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Drug slang A regional street term for 1 kg of marijuana, or a similarly packaged unit of crack cocaine
Sports medicine An episode of one form of endurance exercise followed by another, used in endurance multisports—e.g., duathlons and triathlons; often the individual sports are practised separately and raced jointly; a brick stacks one upon the other in training; the most common brick is a bike-run session and is used to help transition the legs from cycling to running
Virology Inclusion body A popular albeit non-specific term for a crystalloid structure corresponding to packed viral particles within host cells
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You'll discover how women were the driving force behind the Black Country's worldwide reputation for brickmaking.
Approximately 10,000 [m.sup.3] of clean soil used to cap excavated compounds, common areas, the Industrial Area, and newly graded village roads; for construction and brickmaking; and to backfill a large pond that was a drowning hazard for children.
(5) Common hazardous activities in Bolivia include working in the sugar and chestnut industries, brickmaking, sale of alcoholic beverages, garbage collection, cleaning of hospitals, and sexual exploitation.
The article focuses on young children engaged in the brickmaking business in India, explaining how familial poverty forces children to choose hard labor as opposed to attending school.
In north west Canada they bought a huge chunk of land because the clay it contained would be good for brickmaking. It was eventually developed to become the wealthiest part of Vancouver city.
2009), the main constraint is that the glass must have a particle size below the limit of the pan mills used in brickmaking (< 1 mm).
The plaza's masonry walls are clad with clinker brick, a cast off of the brickmaking process, whose curvature and malformations are accented, rather than minimized.
Brickmaking in India employs about 10 million workers, at more than 150,000 sites.
Thus it can be stated that the beginning of brickmaking clearly correlates with the beginning of the construction boom in the Estonian area in the 14th century, during the course of which the town areas were re-planned, and the construction of town fortifications, stone churches and stone houses began.
The new brew, the brewery's fourth after three celebrating former Blaydon MPs Joseph Cowan Snr and Jnr and the area's brickmaking history, is a 3.9% black lager - with the colour playing an important part in the unusual way it is served.
Also in Gweru, two young entrepreneurs in brickmaking, Patricia Furusa and Discussion Jiri, were given a $1,500 loan from the Youth Fund to inject into their business.