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Drug slang A regional street term for 1 kg of marijuana, or a similarly packaged unit of crack cocaine
Sports medicine An episode of one form of endurance exercise followed by another, used in endurance multisports—e.g., duathlons and triathlons; often the individual sports are practised separately and raced jointly; a brick stacks one upon the other in training; the most common brick is a bike-run session and is used to help transition the legs from cycling to running
Virology Inclusion body A popular albeit non-specific term for a crystalloid structure corresponding to packed viral particles within host cells
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Musk's planned brick-making business could face challenges though.
The brick-making company, the country's largest producer of handmade bricks, racked up more than 23 per cent of Baggeridge shares during last year's takeover battle and at one stage entered into a pounds 16.5 million loan agreement to finance a possible bid for the Sedgley firm.
Two workers at a brick-making factory between Kabul and Bagram push the camouflage curtain from an army tank into a ditch to make the fire burn more quickly.
Former Ellington Colliery owner, UK Coal, is asking for permission to extract 1.27m tonnes of coal and up to 500,000 tonnes of brick-making fireclay from a site near Tow Law, in County Durham.
SciTech21-20 November 2006-Landfill Gas Will Fuel Operations at World's Largest Brick-Making Facility(C)2006 JeraOne -
ENERGY RESOURCE-20 November 2006-World's Largest Brick-Making Facility Using Landfill Gas to Fuel Operations(C)2006 JeraOne -
Craft demonstrations include tile-making, spinning and brick-making.
He started work in Buckley's brick-making industry and joined Labour because of the poverty he saw around him,particularly in mining.
The portable brick-making machine, light enough to be towed by pick-up can be powered by both diesel and electricity and will produce around 360 blocks an hour.
Today, there will also be brick-making and nail-making demonstrations in the traditional workshops.
On Saturday in Khsach Kandal district, Chheng Srey Pheak's right arm became entangled in a brick-making machine and was severed from her body before her father could help her.