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Drug slang A regional street term for 1 kg of marijuana, or a similarly packaged unit of crack cocaine
Sports medicine An episode of one form of endurance exercise followed by another, used in endurance multisports—e.g., duathlons and triathlons; often the individual sports are practised separately and raced jointly; a brick stacks one upon the other in training; the most common brick is a bike-run session and is used to help transition the legs from cycling to running
Virology Inclusion body A popular albeit non-specific term for a crystalloid structure corresponding to packed viral particles within host cells
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The greater efflorescence on the brick wall under the porch tells me the soil under the porch slopes down toward the foundation wall.
I am hoping that Amelia's story will help demolish someone else's brick wall for fair and equal medical care.
Bedroom two has two double glazed windows, an exposed brick wall and recessed ceiling spots.
STEVEN TAYLOR has told Roy Hodgson he's ready to "run through a brick wall" to make his England debut on Friday.
CHALLENGE The challenge of this combination project, according to Tirmizi and Scot Campbell was to make two separate apartments feel like they were always one apartment and in this case, a brick wall split the apartments previously, so the only way to achieve a large opening to unify the two apartments was to punch through the brick wall.
WHAT A HERO: Rescue specialist Buster Brown, left, with the fox which got stuck between two brick walls, above.
At first, connections among the panels were not apparent, but eventually the eye perceived that each tangle of finely grained two-by-fours and each partially built brick wall fitted with those around it in what amounted to a perspective exercise.
The basis for later chapters is established in delineating building materials typically used in Venice -- brick walls, Istrian stone, marbles -- and workshop organization and practice.
Take your brick walls, lay them flat, and make them stepping stones" writes Yvonne L.
They constantly find themselves hitting brick walls because they don't have the networks in place yet.
Daldry fills his canvas with the conceptual touches of a canny theater director: the riot police playing stickball between strike skirmishes; the cage-confined mine elevators; the little girls who wait by brick walls. He can obviously smell a cliche a mile away.
Bob Rowe [GRA chief racing manager] has discovered research from Harringay in the 1930s that showed having greyhounds jump brick walls was actually safer, because they took things much slower and the stress on the greyhound's frame was a lot less."