McArdle, Brian

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Brian, English neurologist, d. 2002.
McArdle disease - Synonym(s): McArdle syndrome
McArdle syndrome - glycogenosis due to muscle glycogen phosphorylase deficiency, resulting in accumulation of glycogen of normal chemical structure in muscle. Synonym(s): Cori syndrome; McArdle disease; McArdle-Schmid-Pearson syndrome; type 5 glycogenosis
McArdle-Schmid-Pearson disease - Synonym(s): McArdle syndrome
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Of Brian McArdle, who suffered a fatal heart attack after being hounded back to work.
Sydney, Mar 18 ( ANI ): Michael Clarke needs to explain why he didn't come out to bat at number three on day four of the Mohali Test against India when the tourists were reeling against fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar, according to sports columnist, Brian McArdle.
It started with the Atos disabled assessment scandal, as highlighted by the Record in the tragic case of Brian McArdle.
A NUMBER of politicians are calling for a suspension of the assessments of disabled people by private firm Atos Healthcare following the recent death of Brian McArdle, who died from a heart attack the day after his benefits were stopped.
Clearly its claim to be one of the oldest properties in Solihull stands up to investigation but, while its history is interesting, for owner Brian McArdle it is more than just another historic property.
CUTLINE: (1) Former Marine James Crosby, of Hanover, learns fly-fishing from Brian McArdle yesterday.
In announcing the merger, Medifleet president Brian McArdle commented that Ace Expediters' scale, infrastructure, and expertise in same-day logistics management was a perfect complement to the Medifleet business model.
Breeder Brian McArdle, 53, who picked up the Working Terrier Puppy award at this year's Yorkshire Show, said he was furious.
The singer, who stars in TV ads for rival beer Miller, threatened to attack record producer Brian McArdle after losing the contest at a Cambridge nightclub.
When Brian McArdle died, a part of the teenager also died.
Tony Halliday will lead the side and both Brian McArdle and Mark Small are added to the squad.
I want Iain to remember Brian McArdle - 57, paralysed down one side, paralysed in one eye, he couldn't speak.