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A regional term for a place where drugs are produced, usually in so-called kitchen labs
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Brewmeister founder Lewis Shand concluded that saying the beer "'delivers a punch' doesn't quite cut it.
He had gradually let the quality drop and many outlets and suppliers had fallen away, but I've now got Tomas Leisek - the brewmeister from the famous Kozel Brewery - working here and he's producing some astonishing beers with his new recipes.
Beer Careers: From Brewmeister, to Route Driver, Bartender.
Almost 2,000 suds lovers from around the globe applied, ten submitted videos, six brew novices were interviewed and more than 100,000 ale aficionados from around the world helped narrow down the choice by voting for their favorite brewmeister.
The mighty tipple was produced by Brewmeister, who are based in Keith, Banffshire, in a bid to beat rivals such as Aberdeenshire's BrewDog and German microbrewery Schorschbrau.
Both of these potent brews are crafted by Brewmeister, a Scottish brewery.
President and CEO, Eric Warner is a German-trained Brewmeister and one of only a handful of American graduates of the Technical University of Munich at Weihenstephan.