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A regional term for a place where drugs are produced, usually in so-called kitchen labs
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Brewmeister's Armageddon isn't available for sale in the U.S., but ( can be purchased online .
According to the ( Brewmeister website , the beer is made of crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats and Scottish spring water.
The beer, which is sold through the company's website, is so strong that Brewmeister have put a warning label on the bottle.
The result comes after Brewmeister faced a storm of criticism last month after they admitted some of the batches of an earlier superstrong beer, Armageddon, which they claimed was 65 per cent ABV, were only 15.2 per cent.
Shand and his friend John McKenzie are the proud owners of Brewmeister Brewery and despite their relative youth - they are both 26 - the two have made beer history.
Brewmeister's beers come in two lines - local and national.
Lewis Shand and John McKenzie, of Banffshire's Brewmeister Brewery, broke the record with 65 per cent alcohol Armageddon last year.
A SCOTTISH brewery called Brewmeister claim to have created the world's strongest lager - a 65 per cent alcohol drink called Armageddon.
More to my taste was Palm Springs's Brewmeister, a local pub which brews its own beer at just over pounds 2 a pint and serves up steak sandwiches for around a fiver!