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A regional term for a place where drugs are produced, usually in so-called kitchen labs
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Inspired by their love of their twin boys lovingly referred to as "the monkeys" and craft beer, Twinpanze Brewing Company was created to be one of the area's only self-funded "bootstrapped" family owned breweries.
Participating breweries included: Barrier Brewing Company, Blind Bat Brewery, Blue Point Brewing Co., Great South Bay Brewery, Greenport Harbor Brewing Co., Long Ireland Beer Co., Port Jeff Brewing Co., and Spider Bite Beer Company.
Other brewers in attendance included Babble Homebrewers, Bosacki's Home Brew, Buffalo Creek Brewing, Lake Bluff Brewing Company, Light the Lamp Brewery, Half Day Brewery, The Kings and Convicts Brewing Company, North Urban Brewing Society, Only Child Brewing, Ravinia Brewing, Roaring Table Brewing, Zumbier Brewing and Mickey Finn's Brewery.
"Bayhawk stockholders, many of whom provided seed capital for Bayhawk Ales over 20 years ago, have waited a long time to see a trading market for their stock," said Mike Rapport, Chairman of Evans Brewing Company. "The assignment of the very appropriate "ALES" trading symbol is a fulfillment of our promise to these shareholders and positions them to benefit from our plan to grow the company.
Orland Park businessman Eric Burnson bought the brewery, and said in four to six weeks he'll be ready to open under a new name, Lake Zurich Brewing Company.
In order to improve supply chain efficiencies, cut costs and to scale for ever increasing growth, Tuatara Brewing Company, on a recommendation from leading ANZ MYOB VAR Walker Scott, enlisted the help of B2BGateway to integrate EDI with their MYOB Advanced ERP system.
"When we made the decision to turn our original production facility into a barrel aging, sour, specialty house, we knew we had to bring our friends at Night Shift Brewing down to bring back one of my favorite collaborations of all time -- Stop, Collaborate & Glisten," said Chad Henderson, co-owner & head brewer of NoDa Brewing Company. "I'm excited to brew with them again."
Vicinity's craft brewing clients include: Deschutes Brewery, Highland Brewing Company, Flying Dog Brewery and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.
Founded in 1993, Fish Brewing Company is owned by over 400 beer drinking consumers, who pooled their resources to build a landmark brewery in Olympia, WA, which is known for its quality water and artesian wells.
Raleigh, NC, April 23, 2015 --( Mims Distributing Company, a wholesale beverage distributor in North Carolina, has announced the addition of Coronado Brewing Company to its lineup of brewing partners.
The Foolproof Brewing Company of Pawtucket, RI (The company was briefly known as the High Jinx Brewing Co., but the name was changed to avoid trademark conflicts, including with Magic Hat's Jinx brand) has announced its draft beers are now available in on-premise accounts across Rhode Island.