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A regional term for a place where drugs are produced, usually in so-called kitchen labs
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The Old Brewery - now the Brewery Quarter in St Mary Street, Cardiff
The new Breckenridge Brewery campus will become a Colorado destination," said Matt Eldridge of Breckenridge.
In 2012, 28,000 people came to the brewery during the season and this year, we have already welcomed 25,000 fans of Velkopopovicky Kozel on our visitors tours.
The Birmingham beer used to be known for its television advertising jingle "beer at home means Davenports", but had disappeared from pubs in 1986 when the brewery on Bath Row, Birmingham was closed.
South Asia Breweries, based in New Delhi, is owned by Carlsberg (45%), the Danish Industrialisation Fund for Developing Countries (10%) and a group of investors (45%) led by The Lion Brewery Ceylon Ltd.
He flatly denies a published report that he had spoken with Steelback Brewery owner Frank D'Angelo "on several occasions" to discuss investment opportunities, saying he had only spoken with D'Angelo once last winter and "very briefly.
In a different corner of the world, excavators at an English site called Vindolanda found a potential brewery dating from the times of the Roman Empire.
Michael has opened his brewery in Durham City where he makes up to five brews a week.
The brewery is lit by Sun-tube lights, which diffuse sunlight from the roof dome.
Samuel Arthur Brain, a name to spark reverence from Cardiff SA drinkers and respect from out-of-town visitors, started in 1882, taking over the William Malthouse Brewery, set up in 1713 on that familiar St Mary Street spot to service the pub next door, one day to become the Albert, now the Yard.
According to Nicolaas Vervelde, Managing Director of Nigerian Breweries, forming a new brewery is an option to purchase the breweries, to fulfill rising demand.