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George E., U.S. surgeon, 1861-1939. See: Brewer infarcts.
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Despite their presence in nearly every commercial establishment, coffee brewers have not previously been included in the program and will now be held to strict specifications in order to qualify.
The partnership also includes the continuation of a joint charitable program with the Brewers Community Foundation called Hits for Homes that directly benefits Housing Resources, Inc.
We think all brewers should be treated the same," Brigid Simmonds, chief executive of the British Beer & Pub Association told the Financial Times.
The craft beer industry is still relatively small by comparison to large national brewers.
Starbucks has received 23 reports of melting in the plastic housing of the brewers.
Brewers manager Ned Yost argued vehemently, but the call stood.
Klimovitz of the Masters Brewers Association of the Americas.
This 21-site network used Brewer Mark IV single-monochromator spectrophotometers, which measure UV radiation levels reaching the Earth's surface at 0.
Sharpe says the $20 million in upgrades are necessary to compete with the national brewers in their costings.
headquartered in Seattle, kicked off its annual three-week brewing sale with a "Brewer Exchange Day," where customers could trade in their old home brewers to receive a special gift that can be used towards the purchase of a new coffee maker, espresso machine or other merchandise sold in Starbucks stores.
With the new merger, two audacious and acquisitive brewers will get access to each other's markets and distribution networks in order to make their flagship brands into global sellers.
Domestic brewers want bottles designed for stadium events to have oxygen permeation of at most 1 ppm over 120 days, and no more than 15% loss in carbonation during that period.