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5 mg/kg; Brevital, Portage Pharmacy, Portage, Michigan) delivered via bolus injection through the catheter, and the animal was subsequently observed for prototypic signs of acute administration of a rapid-onset, short-acting barbiturate (i.
General anesthesia was induced during each treatment with sodium brevital 60 mg and muscle paralysis produced by succinylcholine 60 mg.
Other sedatives have also been used in memory recovery interviews - barbiturates (for example, Brevital, Nembutal, and Pentothal) and benzodiazepines (for example, Ativan and Valium).
Jones' other products include Thrombin-JMI(R) for controlling blood loss during surgery; Brevital Sodium(R), an anesthetic; and veterinary pharmaceuticals, Soloxine(R), Tussigon(R) and Pancrezyme(R).
On the afternoon before microdialysis, animals were anesthetized intraperitoneally using 35-50 mg/kg of Brevital (methohexital sodium; Jones Pharma, Inc.
2 million, Brevital increased approximately 12 percent tollion in the same period of 1998.
The improved margins result from the replacement of the lower-margin thrombin contract sales with higher-margin products such as Levoxyl, Tapazole and Brevital.
The majority of the third quarter increase in Critical Care product sales relates to the increase in Brevital which was backordered at the end of the second quarter of 1998.
Sales of Critical Care products, including Thrombin, Brevital and Triostat for the six months ended June 30, 1998 were relatively flat at $16.