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Josef, Austrian internist, 1842-1925. See: Hering-Breuer reflex.
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'Downside risks stem mainly from rising inflation, continued rapid credit growth, higher US interest rates and US dollar, volatile capital flows and trade tensions,' Breuer added.
"But," said Breuer, "we also noted that this has led to some communication challenges ...
Breuer's team visited Manila and Bohol from July 11 to 25 to meet with key officials and assess the country's overall economic performance.
Examining this symptom as sexual in nature may seem ironic, however, in light of Breuer's comment from 1895: "The element of sexuality was astonishingly undeveloped in her" (Studies, 1895/2001, p.
Twitter didn't appear to buy Breuer's explanation, however.
In New York, the museum designed by Marcel Breuer, a Bauhaus-trained Hungarian emigre, in 1966 was a Brutalist building intended specifically for the exhibition of modern and contemporary art.
But the richness of the programme we can present at the Breuer can be seen in shows like 'Unfinished', which brings all of our colleagues together round a table, where we can demonstrate what we can do in the context of an encyclopaedic museum.
Breuer, the co-founder and director of Paradigm Shifters Consulting Inc, is a multi-faceted career coach, with 25 years' worth of experience in corporate management and consulting over 200 companies globally.
The two-day workshop conducted by business guru Adi Breuer aims to encourage current or future business leaders and industrialists to acknowledge and recognise their potential in innovating their businesses.
Hans Breuer, a Jewish Austrian shepherd, recalls hearing stories about "friends of [his] mother," who would attempt to escape the Nazis by presenting to be members of the SS.