(brĭ-tô-nō′), Pierre 1778-1862.
French surgeon who described typhoid and diphtheria and performed the first tracheotomy (1825).
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Marie Thulliez, M.D., from Bretonneau Hospital in Tours, France, and colleagues conducted a systematic review to examine systemic adverse events associated with intravitreal anti-VEGF treatments in patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema, or retinal vein occlusion.
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Address for correspondence: Guillaume Desoubeaux, Centre Hospitalier Regional Universitaire de Tours, Service de Parasitologie, Mycologie, et Medecine Tropicale, Hopital Bretonneau, Pole de Biologie Medicale, Batiment B2A, 1er etage, 2 boulevard Tonnelle, 37044 Centre Hospitalier Regional Universitaire de Tours CEDEX 9; email: guillaume.
In 1826 the disease was given its official name diphtherite" by a French physician Pierre Bretonneau and in 1890 diphtheria antitoxin was prepared by Von Behring who won Nobel Prize in 1901 for his work on diphtheria5.
The Doppler signals were acquired at the CHRU "Bretonneau" Tours, France.
Other more experimental places are included, such as Pierre Buraglio's multi-faith hospital oratory (Hopital Bretonneau, 18th arrondissement, Paris) and Tadeo Ando's Space for Meditation at the Unesco headquarters in the seventh arrondissement along with the Peace Garden there (1958, by Isamu Noguchi, artist, and Teomon Sano, gardener).
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Charpentier y Bretonneau se basan, como no puede ser de otro modo, en los hechos relatados en las Escrituras, atreviendose a enfatizar (lo que no deja de ser significativo) los aspectos homoeroticos de la leyenda de David.
Acerbi (1822), Jacob Henle (1840) y Bretonneau (1855) acerca de la etiologia microbiana de las enfermedades infecciosas.
El libro pone de manifiesto entonces que el debate sobre el colera no se agotaba en el enfrentamiento entre las teorias de Broussais y Magendie, sino que rescata la importancia de la escuela especifista de Bretonneau.
Contract award notice: Provision of removal of an isocyt freja isolator and removal of 3 getinge insulators for bretonneau clinical oncology biopharmacy unit (france-tours: Installation services of machinery and equipment)