Breschet, Gilbert

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Gilbert, French anatomist, 1784-1845.
Breschet bones - one of the small ossicles occasionally found in the ligaments of the sternoclavicular articulation. Synonym(s): os suprasternale
Breschet canals - channels in the diploë that accommodate the diploic veins. Synonym(s): diploic canals
Breschet hiatus - a semilunar opening at the apex of the cochlea through which the scala vestibuli and the scala tympani of the cochlea communicate with one another. Synonym(s): helicotrema
Breschet sinus - a paired dural venous sinus beginning on the parietal bone, running along the sphenoidal ridges, and emptying into the cavernous sinus. Synonym(s): sphenoparietal sinus
Breschet vein - one of the veins in the diploë of the cranial bones. Synonym(s): diploic vein
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