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Fritz, 20th-century German pathologist. See: Brenner tumor.
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As they came south, Helen retreated over the Brenner, and wrote an unsatisfactory postcard from the shores of the Lake of Garda, saying that her plans were uncertain and had better be ignored.
Clinical Innovations, one of the largest medical device companies exclusively focused on labor and delivery and the neonatal intensive care unit, has acquired Brenner Medical GmbH through its wholly owned subsidiary, Clinical Innovations Europe.
Como mostrare, la controversia sobre los efectos positivos o negativos de los ciclos economicos en la salud publica se reactivo en la decada de 1970 gracias a los trabajos del norteamericano Harvey Brenner, trabajos que al parecer impactaron las politicas publicas en algunos paises.
The Brenner Tunnel, once completed, will be the longest underground railway in the world.
Brenner suggested it was very unlikely that the Republican-controlled Congress will take any action on the issue before the November election.
So Much to Be Done: The Writings of Breast Cancer Activist Barbara Brenner
Senior day ceremonies are a familiar exercise for Liz Brenner, one of the great multi-sport athletes in Oregon history.
Through her research and analysis of the five prominent Polish writers and non-victims living in Warsaw during the Nazi occupation, Brenner suggests that these diarists' (Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz, Maria Dijbrowska, Aurelia Wylezynska, Zofia Nalkowska, and Stanislaw Rembek) "contemporaneous responses to the Jewish genocide deepen our understanding of the ethical, mental, and emotional challenges that face any witness of terror" (4).
Ben Brenner has been promoted to Director by Cushman & Wakefield, announced Kim Brennan, the commercial real estate services firm's New Jersey market leader.
Washington, March 16 ( ANI ): David Brenner, a favorite comic on Johnny Carson's 'The Tonight Show', has passed away due to cancer.
LOS ANGELES -- David Brenner, the gangly, toothy-grinned ''Tonight Show'' favorite whose brand of observational comedy became a staple for other standup comedians, including Jerry Seinfeld and Paul Reiser, died Saturday.