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Apizza deliveryman who identifies himself as a breatharian claims mediation has helped him to collect all the nutrients he needs from the air and can survive on just 100 calories a week.
Food is no longer an option for married "breatharian" couple Akahi Ricardo and Camila Castillo.
Instead, breatharian's will utilize aspects within the universe - including light, energy, and air - to survive.
Castillo has launched a program to help women, in particular, live a healthy breatharian lifestyle called ( Pranic Women Program (PWP).
Castillo and Ricardo travel worldwide as pranic breatharian teachers to educate people on the importance of utilizing the universe's resources to sustain themselves through the ( Breatharian School , a program they had created.
She calls herself a Breatharian who follows the Living on Light philosophy.
But she claims one British Breatharian practitioner named Jeffrey Sharp had not eaten or drunk anything for five days to prove it was possible to survive on Pranic light alone.
She Has Previously Identified As A "Breatharian" And Courted Other Controversy
Also in 2014, she said she was embarking on a ( "Breatharian" diet, where she would subsist on light and air alone, and consume no food or beverages.